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About Us


How Are We Different?

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We’re not like other churches. You’ve heard that before, right?  Well, this time it’s true!  Of course, like other Christian churches, we believe and share the message of salvation through Jesus Christ.  And as a Pentecostal congregation, we, like most Pentecostal churches, believe in being filled with the Holy Ghost, speaking in tongues, healing for body and mind, and the return of Jesus Christ.

And that’s likely where the similarities stop.  If you’ve read our Mission Statement, you know that we engage in a holistic approach to ministry, based on our belief that God is concerned about every area of our lives, small and large, spiritual and secular.   And in addition, we place heavy emphasis on at least four dimensions, and strive to synthesize them into the life of our churches.

  1. God’s identification with the oppressed. Throughout Scripture, God aligns Himself with those who have been disadvantaged, excluded, or dispossessed by larger society.  We minister in this tradition, giving special attention and committing ourselves and our resources to those who are the excluded, the disadvantaged – the oppressed – of our society.
  2. Afro-centrism. We believe that it is important for all people to know their history, especially people who are oppressed or have been robbed of their history.  This does not mean that our Church is not open to all people; on the contrary -everyone is welcome.  Rather, we simply choose to follow the approach advocated by Jesus Christ:  He told His disciples to go first to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. In other words, He wanted them focus on their own people first.  And then, He later told them, go to the entire world to preach the gospel.
  3. Health & Wellness.  We strongly affirm the Bible’s teaching that we should be prosperous in health even as our soul prospers. God has created the human family in God’s own image, complete with limitless potential.  We encourage the maximum development of this potential through the achievement of optimal health – body, mind, and spirit.
  4. The struggle for human rights and self-determination. We encourage our churches and membership to be involved in various activities and/or organizations, including political actions, to bring about human fulfillment or human rights and self-determination.

Yes, we’re Christian.  Boldly, unashamedly, unapologetically Christian.  But our interpretation and understanding of the Gospel leads us in a different direction from most churches.  And that’s what sets us apart.  Come visit us and learn more.  To find a location near you, email us at HQ@HOLC.org.