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Our Faith


Our Mission

The mission of The House of the Lord Church is to apply the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a holistic synthesis of progressive spiritual and social action, including:

  • Personal salvation through Jesus Christ, the filling and in-dwelling of the Holy Ghost, healing for body and mind, high moral and ethical disciplines, and the return of Jesus Christ.
  • A struggle against all forms of oppression and exploitation, which often is manifested as racism, sexism, and classism.
  • A struggle for human rights and self-determination for all people.

To implement this holistic approach, our ministries are:

  • PRIESTLY:  Interceding with God through prayer, fasting, rituals and ceremonies.
  • PASTORAL:  providing healing, counseling, and direction.
  • PROPHETIC:   Critiquing society from a Biblical perspective that places God on the side of the oppressed, exploited, outcast and impoverished.
  • PEDAGOGIC:  Teaching not only the great Truth of Scripture, but also secular history, particularly the truths related to oppressed people’s contribution to humankind.
  • PROGRAMMATIC:  Developing educational, cultural, and economic programs and institutions.
  • POLITICAL:  Creating and/or participating in the creation of organizations and/or coalitions that employ various actions to achieve human fulfillment.

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