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Our Leadership


Our Leadership

New Upload003The House of the Lord Church is led by committed men and women who have been called, anointed, and appointed by God and the Church to the work of the Ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The National Presiding Minister is the spiritual leader of our Church.  As President and Chief Executive Officer, he or she is vested with overall responsibility for the vision, direction, and operation of our church organization.  Bishop Leah Daughtry serves as our current Presiding Minister.

The National Board of Elders is our Church’s highest deliberative body, and is responsible for the operation of the Church between meetings of the Church’s Annual General Convocation.

The National Board of Trustees is entrusted with the care our Church’s resources.

The Annual General Convocation is our Church’s highest legislative body, and is the final authority in all matters related to the governance of the Church, except for those matters pertaining to Church doctrine or Biblical interpretation.  All members-in-good-standing may attend and vote at the Convocation, which meets each year during the second weekend October.

Our Church’s National Departments develop programming in specific areas, as mandated by our Constitution & Bylaws: