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Adriel D. Chaney


Adriel D. Chaney

Adriel Damon Chaney Sr., is Pastor of The House of the Lord Church in Philadelphia.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pastor Chaney’s spiritual journey began in earnest in 1967, when he was saved at the young age of 14.  In an act that ultimately changed, and maybe saved his life, Pastor Chaney claimed his salvation and embarked on a journey of service to his Church and community that spans more than four decades.  Though he served in other Churches, as a young man Pastor Chaney was drawn to The House of the Lord Church.  Inspired by its commitment to the people, Pastor Chaney found The House of the Lord to be inclusive, welcoming, and devoted to Christ and the community.  In October 1987, Pastor Chaney, along with his family, joined The House of the Lord Church.  A year later, in 1988, he declared his call to the ministry.

Witness.  Worship Leader. Aspiring Minister.  Junior Minister.  Minister.  Senior Minister.  Pastor.  Over the years, Pastor Chaney has faithfully and passionately served at one time or another in nearly every office within the Church.  He continues to do so today through his leadership of the Philadelphia Church.  Asked what moves him to such service, Pastor Chaney reflects, “I’m inspired by the fact that God always shows up and He has something for me to do.  I’m inspired by the fact that I’m useful in the eyes of God.  He has a purpose for me and [a] direction for my life.”  For nearly 49 years now, Pastor Chaney has committed himself to pursuing and fulfilling that purpose and direction as God has revealed it to him.

In addition to leading The House of the Lord Church at Philadelphia, Pastor Chaney is the husband of 44 years of Senior Minister C. Jacqueline Chaney, the father of five children, and the grandfather of seven.