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Who Will Sit or Kneel with Kaepernick?

Well, one lone man, sitting or kneeling, has generated a storm of criticisms that has taken on diverse features - asininity, ridiculousness, distraction, threats, rationalizations, racism, and straw-man-ism (interjecting unrelated issues).

September 8, 2016

To Stand or Not to Stand for the Anthem: Kaep Says No, What Do You Say?

"I will continue to sit, I will continue to stand with the people who are being oppressed. To me, this is something that has to change. When there is significant change, and I feel like that flag represents what it's supposed to represent, and this country is representing people the way it's supposed to, I'll stand."

September 1, 2016

Wonders of Wonders! Black Artists and Athletes Take a Stand

Many of us have longed and prayed (those of us who are religious) to see Black artists and athletes stand up, speak out, and be involved in the ongoing struggle for freedom. They have always been a scattered few - Jackie Robinson, Jim Brown, Tommie Smith, John Carlos, Muhammad Ali (representatives of athletes); Paul Robeson, Harry Belafonte, Ossie and Ruby Dee (representative of artists). They brought their voices, bodies, influence, and resources to the battle. Now, in unprecedented numbers and unprecedented ways, artists and athletes of African ancestry are answering the call.

August 11, 2016

Heights and Valleys: Sunday, July 10, 2016 - Sunday, July 17, 2016

About a month ago, I had a week of highs and lows, agonies and ecstasies. I'd like to share them with you for your information, interest, and history's sake. There were experiences which took me from the heights of hope and promise to the valleys of pain, anger, prayers, prisons, politics, parenting, and penitentiary.

August 10, 2016