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Our Youth Directors


Isoke Miller

Co-Director, National Youth Department


Isoke Miller was installed as Co-Director of the National Youth Department in October 2012.

Isoke Miller was born and raised in Oberlin, Ohio. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in May of 2013 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. Since childhood, Isoke has had a passion for arts and crafts and later grew an interest in design. Isoke grew up in the Oberlin House of The Lord Fellowship. She is the youngest daughter of Reverend Brenda Grier-Miller and MidWest District Elder Albert G. Miller.

After graduating from VCU, Isoke moved to Brooklyn, New York. Isoke currently is an exhibit designer in Manhattan working on multiple cultural museum projects. She is a member of the Brooklyn House of the Lord Church where she has participated in the dance ministry and the local youth department. Isoke has been active in multiple planning committees for local and national church events to bring a youth perspective. Because of Isoke’s art background she enjoys working with the youth in the church creatively, for example leading arts exploration time at different youth functions.

Isoke has gone from being a part of the youth to helping lead the youth by example, as she grows older. She is grateful to be a part of this Church and humbled to have been appointed to serve as Co-Director of the National Youth Department.